Monday, October 26, 2009


I took this photo a week or so ago! He couldn't keep his tongue in his mouth!
LOL! More to come!
TTFN, Martha

Monday, October 19, 2009

Baby J is a big boy now!

I first met Mr Jackson when he was in his mama's belly!

Then I got to see him a few weeks later when he was born....He was a good sleeper!
Then he came at 4 months! So smiley!

Now he is a big boy! He is two, and he did a great job!
When he first got here he wasn't too sure about sitting for photos, so we played with some farm animals, and took photos of the horses, and cows and a ball or two....then he saw that it was fun and he sat so nicely!

What a handsome little guy!
Your proofs will be up soon!
TTFN! Martha

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Baby R is one!

This is my favorite from baby R's session! I love the red petti with the damask backdrop, and this was one of her best smiles of the day!

You know I love these polka dots!

This is one one year old that loved her birthday cake! At one point she was in up to her wrists!TTFN! Martha

Miss M is a big girl now!

I first saw Miss M in October 2006! Look how cute she was!

This is one of my favorites from her session! She was so ticked off at me!
Now Miss M is THREE! She is so big!
My favorite of the day!
I love when she crinkles up her nose when she smiles!
I just love three year olds! When I taught preschool I was the three year old teacher and I loved every one of them! It is such a great age!
Miss M was such a good little girl! She did just what I asked and always had a great smile!
TTFN! Martha

Monday, October 12, 2009

Toy Store Shoot...a few to share

Here are a few images from my shoot at the "Kids Collection" toy and furniture store! Thanks for all that attended!

TTFN! Martha

C & C: two little cuties!

This is C & C! I first met Charlie soon after I opened my studio.And here he is when he was 2! This time he brought along his baby sister!Here is Miss C at about one or two months old. Such a sweet face!
Now he is a big four year old! He was in a 'sticking out the tongue' mood this day!There is his big onery smile!So serious Miss Chanelle!I love this one!Whew! It was hard work to get them to sit still and both looking at me!!TTFN! Martha

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baby L, little cowboy

This is Baby L. He was a cutie with the biggest blue eyes! He is still working on sitting up by himself, so his mama stayed close by to catch him if he fell. I love his cowboy hat too!
'Howdy partner!'

TTFN! Martha

Miss B~One year old!

This is Miss B. She was a very busy one year old!

Apples for Fall!
She has the best eyes!

She just found her nostrils, and had a hard time keeping her finger out!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

sorry...I have been behind.

I have been busy this weekend with the toy store shoot. I set up on Thursday, shot there on Friday and Saturday, then I have had a migraine all day today. I hope to use this week to catch up on editing and ordering.
Thanks for being patient
TTFN, Martha