Monday, February 22, 2010

Little man I, through the years!

Well, through two years anyway! Little I is turning 2! Here is a look back at some of the shoots he has had with us at All Occasion Photography!
This was at his 6 month old session. Love the hat!
and those chubby cheeks!
He wasn't feeling the greatest during his one year session, but we got some smiles! He was a busy boy!

At 18 months, he was happy and loving the trike!
Now he is two! Such a big boy! Look how much his hair has grown!

I love having two year olds put their hands in their pockets! Some will do it, some won't, some crack up laughing while trying!

So handsome!
I used to be a nanny many many years ago and this little guy looks so much like the little guy that I was in charge of....Brian. He was the sweetest most loving little guy! I will scan a photo of him tomorrow so you can see the resemblance!

ok, I couldn't find too many photos of Elizabeth and Brian, but here is one that I think looks like the little guy above. Especially the 5th photo above....Do you see it?

Mr I's mama is going to have a baby soon! I can't wait to meet him or her!
TTFN! Martha

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Framed Wall Prints Example

The mama of these three told me that they are looking for a few portraits of the children in their jerseys for the wall in their OSU themed basement. I edited a few to show what they would look like with a custom mat and frame.
The sample shown is 3 10x20 prints with a 2 inch white mat, and a 1½ inch black frame. The words can be purchased from my friend Heather! Here is her site! Soon I will have some word samples hanging on my studio walls!
If you are interested in seeing how framed portraits would look on your wall contact me!
TTFN! Martha

Three adorable siblings!

These three came in last week during one of the many snow days that we had! The roads had cleared by noon so they ventured over!
The first time they came to my studio the twins were only two! Now they are four and have grown so much!
You can see some from their last session by clicking HERE!
Big Sister M has gotten so big too! She still has her lovely dimple that I love!
Their mama wanted a few photos of them in their Ohio State Buckeyes jerseys for their OSU themed basement. I had to include this one of Miss N (aka sassy pants!) Isn't she the cutest thing??
TTFN! Martha

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My first session with Baby J!

I have been photographing Baby J's sister Miss A for 2½ years now. I was so excited to hear that they were having a new addition to their family! Baby J is so cute!
This was one of the first one that I took, I think the flash scared him!!

I love his wide open smile! My oldest smiled just like this!
Cute little shy smile!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Miss A is one!

I met Miss A last year when she was about a week old. She was such a good baby!
You can see her first session HERE.

Now she is ONE! She brought along her pony for photos! (Her shirt says "I want a pony"!)
I thought that the pink would look great with her outfit!
I adore this one! A big smile and you can see all of her teeth!
Her eyes are so gorgeous!

Thanks for letting me capture your beautiful baby again!
TTFN! Martha

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baby G is so sweet!

Miss G is 9 weeks old and oh so sweet! Such pretty eyes and lashes, and her tiny mouth was the cutest!
She was only cooperative for about 25 minutes but that was enough time to get some cute ones!

And look! She was sucking her thumb too! =)
And let me tell you, you have to have a pretty fast trigger finger to catch faces like this! Isn't this adorable??
TTFN! Martha

Monday, February 1, 2010

Newborn babies are my favorite!

Baby R joins two brothers at his house! His mama will surely be tired chasing around 3 boys! I have a special place in my heart for thumb suckers! All three of my kids sucked their thumbs (Olivia sucked hers just like this baby!).

I love this hint of a smile here:

and his crabby face here!
TTFN! Martha