Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gallery wrapped canvases on sale!

I am having a sale on Gallery wrapped canvases until 3/30! They will be 25% off of the price list below.

You photo will be printed on canvas then wrapped around a 1.5 in wooden stretcher frame. The back is finished and it arrives ready to hang!
These are just beautiful and make a great gift!
You can order a canvas from any session that I have done for you! Wedding images also look great printed on canvas!
TTFN! Martha

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today is my Daddy's birthday.....

It is hard to believe that two birthday's have passed since my dad died. Today he would have been 79 years old. To some of you that sound old....but my daddy didn't act old! When we were at the hospital with him, one of his Dr's called him 'elderly'....I was thinking "Who is elderly?? Not my dad!"

My grandma always took a photo of my dad on his birthday with his cake. I think that they were always taken outside because the camera didn't have a flash. See? Grandma was an original 'Natural light photographer'!

This is the first one that I says "Daniel Wayne Gault 2 years old" on the back. See the little candles? so cute! His dad seems to be trying to keep the snow or rain off of him.Here is the second one that I found. It says Daniel Wayne March 18, 1935" So he would have been 4 here. I love the little leggings/stockings! Plus he is making a face that makes it seem like the cake is so heavy!
This one isn't a birthday, it is Christmas, but I love it so I am putting it here too.....I love that the tree is outside too! And look at his cute little plaid coat! I love it!
And this has nothing to do with his birthday, but I freakin' love the look on my oldest sisters face!! She still makes that face!! (love ya Mary!)
Ruth is being held by my dad, and I am the cute baby being held by my mom.Well, I miss my dad every day. I have dreams about him too.
Love ya daddy.....hope they aree having a party in heaven for you!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Little E is 6 months old!

I just love this little guy and his incredible lashes!
Here is a slideshow I made of the images from his session...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A little behind!

I am a little behind in my work because Saturday night I had an awful toothache! I didn't sleep much, and on Sunday it hurt worse! I took lots of pain meds, and barely slept again, and then first thing Monday morning I called the Dentist. She got me in pretty quickly and found the problem. I had a cavity in my wisdom tooth.
Since it was just a wisdom tooth, we decided to pull it out~yikes! I haven't had a tooth pulled in 30 years!
I have been doing a lot of medicating and sleeping the past two days, and even today it is still sore. I hope to get caught up by Monday. Thanks for being patient!
TTFN! Martha