Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Here is the baby of Heather's family...although, now that he is 18 months old, it might be time to quit calling him the baby. He is a cutie and he was very tired, but he was a real trooper!

I found this shirt and I thought it was a very appropriate shirt for the fifth of five kids!
Mr C:

How can you resist that smile?? (we had to turn the hat around, because it is an Ohio State hat and his daddy is a Michigan fan!)
Here is his life in review! One month old.....So serious!
I visited him at his house for this shot! Here he is at four months.
Eight months....Can you believe that he still fits in the cup?
Ten Months and very messy!
Finally, what a handsome boy! His one year portraits!
TTFN! Martha

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A sassy one!

So I spent the day with my best friend Heather and her 5 kids.....Yep! FIVE! They are in from out of state and they came over to visit today. Her daughter is the only girl and so with four brothers she is pretty sassy! I took her to the studio to shoot her five year old pictures and I asked her to show me some attitude! This is what I got!!

Sassy Miss A:

I simply adore this one! This is her with my puppy Charlie!

TTFN! Martha

Monday, April 28, 2008

May is Multiples Month!!

All Occasion Photography is celebrating Twins and Triplets in the month of May!

Book a session for your mulitples in the month of May and with your paid session you will recieve one free portrait package! The package will include 1 8x10, 2 5x7's and 8 wallets of the same pose. This is a $42.00 value!

Twins and Triplets of any age qualify!
Call soon to book your session, there is limited spaces available!

A cute little family!

This young family came to the studio on Saturday. They remind me of my family oh so many years ago! We also had three kids in three years! They were busy years, but lots of fun!

I love children and babies! So this was a great session! A little tiring, but I think I captured some great smiles!

Here is a preview for you!

My first Blog! My first Post!

Hello All!
After much debating with myself, I decided to start a blog! I will be using this blog to give customers a preview of their sessions, and to let you know about specials and promotions for the studio!

Occasionally, I will do some rambling about me and my family!