Monday, June 30, 2008


We are on vacation! After a few days in VA in the mountains, we are finally in Florida. Are you wondering why I am blogging instead of out frolicking in the sand and sun with my family?? Well, my dear husband thought that a nice canoe ride in VA would be a great way to start the Stutzman family vacation. I me, being the ever forgetful person that I am, forgot the sunscreen. Well, lets just say that four hours in the sun and 100 degree heat (no was 100 degrees!) didn't agree with me and my lily white arms. And I also forgot that the medication that I take makes me sensitive to the sun.

Here we all are before the trip would be the last normal day that I would have!

After the trip, my arms and shoulders were so red that they were almost purple....The hurt so bad and they are blistered and hot. I have now been banned from the sun, and have been spending all of my time inside, in the airconditioning. It stinks, bigtime!

It is now 5 days after the trip and they are still blistered and hot, and I am miserable! I can't hardly sleep at night, because I am a side sleeper and it kills my arms.

So here I sit blogging at Panera bread while my family is over on the beach = ( .........Ah well, live and learn!

TTFN! Martha

New galleries added today:

The following galleries were added today:


A baby that came just in time!

This baby got here just in time to get pictures before I left for vacation. I took his picture the day before we left!
Although he was only 6 days old, he didn't hardly sleep at all!

Here are a few pictures to share: ( I think this one is my favorite, he has a tiny smile!)

To his parents: The rest of his pictures are in his online gallery on my site. I didn't get his birth info from you, so I made up the info on the announcements that I made. If you want to order them, just email me the correct info!

TTFN! Martha

a cute couple!

This couple was given a gift certificate to my studio to use for new pictures of themselves. They have both lost a lot of weight since their wedding, and his mother was so proud of them, and decided to surprise them with new pictures.

Your proofs are ready and online on my proofing page! Your login is Patt, because there is already a gallery with the login Patterson....sorry!

TTFN! Martha

Monday, June 23, 2008

Three years old

How cute is this little one?? I think that she looks like a precious moments doll! She has the best eyes and lashes!

I have to include this one! This was not posed, she was just sitting and thinking and I snapped it. I love it though! Look at those sad eyes! I know I couldn't tell her "no" if she looked at me with those eyes! Good luck to her mom and dad!She looks much older than her three years in this one!

This is just a sneak peek! I hope that you like them!
TTFN! Martha

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sick......I'm sick!

I am feeling a little under the weather, and I am trying to edit sessions and get ready for vacation!
We have been sleeping with the fan on and our window open and I think that I caught a bug. I might not post anything for a day........but I will be back!

TTFN! Martha

You've come a long way baby!

Baby's first year is an amazing journey and I am so happy that Miss A's parents chose me to record this special time in their baby's life! Here they are when she is almost 8 months pregnant. Wasn't her belly so tiny? And in June of last year, Miss A arrived into the world and she came for her first session a week later.
And just four short months later, she could push herself up!

At her 8 month session, she could easily sit by herself, and she even stood up for a few! She came in last week for her one year session. She is running, and even talking! Can you believe it? Her mama's cell phone rang and she said "HI" and when her grandma gave her a snack she said "Thank you!" Putting two words together at this age is really amazing! Oh, and her favorite thing to say at the studio was "What's that?"
This is a special bear and the name was hand stiched on by A's great aunt. (I think!) I love taking pictures of 'lovies'. It makes a nice picture to add to baby's scrapbook!I love watching babies grow and learn during their first year! Thanks Josh and Jody for sharing your baby with me!

TTFN! Martha

Friday, June 20, 2008

Beautiful baby!

This is our friend Rachel's baby. She is so squishable and hugable! She is very, very serious, and it is very hard to get her to smile. We worked very hard yesterday and we finally got a few smiles out of her!
Here is a preview of her session:

Well......ok it is more than a preview! I couldn't narrow it down to a few! She is so cute!!!
TTFN! Martha

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Family Pictures

When asked what he wanted for his birthday, this daddy said "A family picture". Isn't that great?! They have never had a family picture taken, so I was honored that they chose me to record their family. They were here last week and here are a few of my favorites!

The rest of the proofs should be on my site tomorrow. (it has been crazy around here!)
A quick snap of father and son:And one of Mother and daughter. Look for your proofs on my website tomorrow!
TTFN! Martha

The second time is a charm!

These two cuties came a couple of weeks ago, and Mr I woke up from his nap on the wrong side of the bed and he was a little crabby. He didn't want to leave his mama's side. I snapped a few pics of his brother J and we tried again, and he wouldn't leave his mama. That is OK! I told her that we would try again in a week or two and that maybe a morning appointment might be better. Once kids have been here, they are usually better the second time around.

So Mr I and his brother came back this morning and he was much happier! I always let kids play and get comfortable before I take any pictures. We played ball, and trucks and I started out with his brother. Once he saw how easy it was he sat and smiled. By the end of the session he was giving me grins like this:
Here is his ornery brother J. He was a boy of many faces!

TTFN! Martha

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We are going on Vacation!

We will be leaving on Vacation on next Tuesday June 24th in the evening. The first few days we will be in Virginia and I will not have internet access. Then we will be off to FL and I will have limited internet access. If you make your order after Friday June 20th then it might take an extra week to get your order. I will try my best to get them ordered in a timely fashion.
This is our beach picture from last year. I love the beach and I am looking forward to a couple of weeks off!
TTFN! Martha

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My favorite thumbsucker!

Here is a confession.....I sucked my thumb until I was 11! Yes, ELEVEN!! I also raised three thumbsuckers. So I have a soft spot in my heart for kids that enjoy their thumbs.

This is our friend Reese. She loves her thumb! So much so that it is hard to get a picture of her without it!
We babysat for her and her sister on Monday, so we snapped a few pictures of her. How cute is she???
This is from her 1 year shoot:And this is from her 6 month shoot!TTFN! Martha

Friday, June 13, 2008

Brace Face!

Olivia got her braces on Tuesday. Of course I had to take along the camera to record the event! We took before pictures Monday night. Here is one: (look how long her hair is getting!)

Here are the actual braces, and the Dentist's tools.This is Dr Nippert. He was a good sport with me and my camera!She kicked off her flip flops and everytime that he would poke at her teeth, she tensed up her toes!They get to pick the color of the band wires and she picked glow in the dark green!

Her teeth are hurting a little bit, but she was a good sport and she sat for some 'after' pictures.

She is happy to get the process started, so they don't bother her. Also many of her friends already have braces, so I don't think that she will be teased. I told her that when they come off that we will get her teeth all polished and whitened too!

TTFN! Martha

A couple of cuties!

This is M a year ago:And here he is today! What a difference a year makes! He is so big now! This is his beautiful sister H. She was a perfect model and did whatever I asked her to do!

I like this one! Her eyes are so pretty!
We had a hard time getting Mr M to sit still, but we did get a few of them together!
TTFN! Martha