Thursday, July 1, 2010

I am a little behind!

Right before the new year (as in the afternoon of December 31st!) I bought a brand new, super fast, super expensive laptop. I had previously bought refurbished laptops, and have had nothing but trouble with them, so this time I went with new, and then I also bought the 2 year warranty.

About three months into the new year, the screen started 'scrolling' like an old TV. It would happen about once a day for a few seconds at a time. Then it started happening 4-5 times a day, and then one day in May it died. so so sad.

I took it back to Best Buy and explained to the 'Geeks' that it was important that I get it fixed ASAP because it is my main work computer. And that I needed to take it on vacation with me so that I could work on vacation. I took it in May 22. I got it back June 3rd. Right away I saw that it wasn't working properly, but we were leaving on vacation June 5th, so I had to take it as it was.

About halfway through vacation, it quit working again. So frustrating. I took it back to Best Buy the day we got home (June 19th). They still have it! I am crossing my fingers that it comes in tomorrow.

In the meantime, I am using a 5 year old desktop, which might not seem old to you, but for a computer it is ancient! It is really slow, and takes me twice as long to do things as it normally does on my laptop.

So, I am sorry that I am a little behind in my editing. I hope to get the other computer back soon and then I will get caught up!! I hope!!
TTFN, Martha