Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A beautiful bride and a handsome groom!

This day started out dark, dreary and rainy! I ran into the salon in the pouring rain, and the bride was bright and radiant! She wasn't worried about the rain, and we all prayed that the sun would shine.
Shannon and Eric, you look so beautiful!

As you can see, the rain left, the sky cleared up and we ended up with a nice, sunny day!
This was a huge window in the church by the steps.
I tried this shot before and I didn't get it.....I am glad it worked this time!
I usually do a shot like this on a hill, but there was not a hill to be found! I was laying on my belly flat on the gound to get this shot.
Since it was raining when I left the house, I grabbed a couple of umbrellas. I just had to use this one!Can't you just feel the love?? =)Gorgeous cake!
And although they weren't as cute as the happy couple, these two were soooooo adorable! I hope you have enjoyed your sneak peek!
TTFN! Martha

Vacation 2009

We are leaving in the morning for our family vacation. I will be away from my business phone, but you can reach me via email: stutzmans5@netzero.net

We are having a house sitter, so if you have an emergency, just call my home phone.

If you are having a baby and you are wanting newborn photos, send me an email right away and I will get with you on dates that I have open. I am keeping the first week in August open for newborns. I will be checking my email and my facebook page every day or two!

If you are waiting for proofs, I am getting a few sessions done before I leave, and I will do the others in the evenings at the hotel. I am *crossing my fingers* that our hotel has WiFi!

I have also hired an editor to help me get caught up on weddings.

Catch ya on the flip side!
TTFN! Martha

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baby E came into the world a little early!

Miss E was due in July, but she decided to come out in May instead! So now she is 7 weeks old and about 7 pounds. she is doing great, and she is so pretty!

curled up baby!My new prop....Sweet Pea!

And here she is with her proud big sister Miss F.
TTFN! Martha

I *think* that this is the biggest newborn I have ever photographed!

Big Baby M is quite a big boy! At birth he tipped the scales at almost 11 pounds! Whew! That is a big baby! and look at his hair! It was so long and thick!
Chubby guy!My new monkey and hat!

He was a very good baby, and he never cried! He slept like a trooper, and I got some super cute images of him!
TTFN! Martha

Miss B came for a visit!

Miss B came for a visit to my studio. I can't believe she is already 8 months old! It seems like just yesterday I was trying to get her to sleep on my giant pumpkin!

Here she is at 3.5 months old. I love her cute little round face!

I hope you like your sneak peek! I can't wait to see her on her birthday!
TTFN! Martha

Mr Z is three! and he has a sister!

I first saw Mr Z for his 1st birthday shoot. He was a busy boy, but I got a few cute shots! I love this one!

Then the next year he came to see me for his 2nd birthday shoot. He looked so much older!

Now Mr Z is 3! I can't believe it!
He is such a big boy now!
And he is now a big brother too! Baby B is 9 months old! She has the longest lashes! I love her pretty eyes!
She seemed pretty happy about sitting in the tea cup!
One of my favorites!
Your proofs will be ready in a day or two!
TTFN! Martha

Friday, July 17, 2009


Although I have many things to do, it is time for the family vacation. I will be doing some catching up in the evenings in the hotel, but the day time will be reserved for my family. I work way too much all year to spend my whole vacation working! I hope that you understand.

I will be placing an order on Monday July 20, and that will be my last order until Monday July 27th.



Saturday, July 11, 2009

Good Golly Miss Molly!

Miss Molly came to see me for her 1st birthday shoot!
She has such a sweet face!

This is her and her bear "Mr Ted". She did not want to hold him, so we put him on the floor beside her!

She loved her cake!
TTFN! Martha

Family portraits | Holmes county photography

This is the G family! They came to get a family portrait, and also individual portraits of the children. This is one of the poses that we did:

Miss M is so pretty! She was a natural in front of the camera.

Miss N is so cute! I just love her glasses!
And last but not least is Mr N. He was like a little tornado, and I had to be fast to get a photo of him!!
If you need a family portrait, or portraits of your children, give us a call! We are now scheduling for August and September!
TTFN! Martha

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I *heart* babies of all kinds!

This is baby Q! He came for his first session when he was about 6 weeks old. My SIL made me this cute hat!

The next time he came, he was about 3 months old. He was just starting to smile, but I only caught a few slight ones.

I then saw him when he came with his brother and sister for Christmas photos! That was a tough session!!

Now Baby Q is ONE! I can't believe it! I knew that they had 6 week old kitties at their house, so I asked his mom if she would mind bringing them along for the shoot! How cute are these kitties??
and here is Q! He did not want to sit still, until we got out the fish bowl! He loved the water!
I love this one!
Here is the black kitty....I think she is yawning!
And here is the face that I love!!

TTFN! martha