Friday, October 31, 2008


I am so excited! I found a great place for fall pictures, and I got approval from the land owner. I offered to shoot her family for free, and she said that would be great. So here is the background in our family's photo sessions.......
Christmas 06....of course I am running late getting pics of my own kids, and I wait until nearly the last minute. Everyone gets ready for the pics and I get less than 10 taken, and Lauren pinches Ad, and he pinches her back and I had two kids crying.......I yell, photo session over.
Christmas 07......Running late again, but not as bad. Everyone gets ready. I take a few of Liv by herself, Then Lauren by herself......Ad joins the group. He sits down, Lauren bosses him around, he cries, I yell, end of session.
So you see, getting pictures of my own kids isn't easy. Adam hates it and is on edge, and so every little thing hurts his feelings. Lauren is a mini me and is pretty bossy. Those two always fight. This year I had a new approach.
Around here money is a pretty big motivator. The girls love to go shopping with their friends, and so they love to have their own money. Adam is a pretty good saver, but if a new video game comes out, he likes having his own money to purchase it. So this year we got in the van to go on the shoot and I handed them each 5.00. I then told them that if they fight or boss, or cry, then they have to give the money back to me. If they cooperate, listen and smile, then they can keep it.
New clothes for photo..................................................80.00
Money for bribery......................................................15.00
Getting a pic of my kids where they are all actually smiling...priceless!

Do you like it? Is it canvas worthy?

This is what I am thinking about for a wall display:

Leave a comment, and let me know what you think!
TTFN! Martha

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I have been so busy.....

I have started my job at the Bargain Hunter three weeks ago. The first week was pretty easy, not too many shoots. Last week picked up a bit, and this week was crazy!
Wednesday I left the house at 7:15 am. I got home at 5:00, grabbed the kids and did another shoot on the way to church. We got home from church at 8:45pm and it was the first time that I had sat down all day.
Today the van had to go to the shop and so K and I left home at 7:00am, dropped off the van, I took him to work, and then got to my first shoot at 8......I shot all day. After work I picked up K, did one more shoot, picked up the van, went and grabbed some milk at the store, and picked up a pizza for supper. I got home at 6:15.......I was met at the door by Lauren, who needed some pictures of a sunset for her photography class at school. I put down the pizza, grabbed the camera ( is attached to my hand all the time these days) and took Lauren over to a hill to get some nice sunset pics. Finally at 7:00, I was able to sit and relax a bit.
So, if you have called or emailed in the last couple of days, i will get back to you on Friday. I have shoots in the am, but I should be home in the afternoon.......*crosses fingers*
TTFN! Martha

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A fall wedding

I love fall weddings. Kurt and I were married in the fall, but the year we got married the trees turned colors late, so we still had green trees for our pictures.
This was a small wedding and we took most of the pictures before the wedding while it was still light outside. It is so nice to take all of the photographs before the wedding. The couple was very relaxed and they could enjoy the reception without rushing through their portraits.
Here is a sneak peek for you!

TTFN! Martha

Baby L.....six months old

This is baby L. He has the most smile-y eyes that I have ever seen! He has also had more haircuts than a six month old should have had!
Here is a few from his session:

We put him in the pumpkin, and let's just say that he wasn't too fond of it!

TTFN! Martha

Miss M and her brother H

Miss M is three and her brother H is one. I took M's one year, two year and now her three year portraits. This was by far her best session yet! At one and two she was much to busy to sit still for portraits! This year she sat still, she smiled and was a very good listener!
This is one from last year, when she was two...

And now she is three! Look how grown she looks!

Mr H is such a cutie! He sat still as long as he was on something high enough that he couldn't get down off of it!

I stuck this hat on him just for kicks! I love hats, and this one matched his shirt so good!

I hope that you like your sneek peak!
TTFN! Martha

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I had an appointment this week with a 6 month old boxer. He had just finished puppy kindergarten, so he was a pretty good listener! Here is a sneak peek for you!Awwwwwwwww, look at that face!

Here he is with his 'blue man' toy.I thought that the red would look great with his coloring. I like this one!

After they left we decided to get a few of the giant pumpkin that I bought, then Charlie decided to visit me in the studio......Big mistake Charlie!

Big brother Lucky couldn't resist teasing Charlie.....haha! *You're stuck in a pumpkin!*
Hope you enjoyed the puppies!
TTFN! Marti

Friday, October 24, 2008


It has been way too long since I have blogged! I have been super busy, and bogged down with work. so I guess you could say that I have been too bogged to blog!
These two boys were such great kids. They listened well, they looked great, and I got some great shots of them!

Here is a little peek at your session, and the proofs will be up soon.

So handsome! He was a good poser too! I think that he would make a super Gap model!
Don't you love the little ones face?? So funny!His eyes are so beautiful! Can I say beautiful about a boy??

TTFN! Martha

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Rohr's, a cute family

I have been taking pictures of this family since before the youngest one was born. I love this picture:

Miss N, one week old.

At 6 months:
At 17 months:And today at 2½. She is so cute! I love her curly hair!A few fun family shots:

Big sister A, she is so mature for her age! She kept that beautiful smile on her face the whole evening!Big Brother N, he started Kindergarten this year. He's getting so big!

I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek!
TTFN! Martha

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I've been gone, but I am back!

I was gone all day Friday, and then I had a wedding Friday evening. My dd, Liv and I left the wedding at 10:00pm and drove to WV to a photography conference....what a drive that was! We were both so tired! She fell asleep right away, and I drove the four hours to the hotel in Beckley, WV. We got in at just after 2:00am!
We spent the day Saturday and Sunday hanging out with other photographers and taking classes, and learning new things. Liv even modeled for the lighting techniques class, and the senior posing and techniques class. I only took a few of her, and let the others do the shooting, but I will post a few later.
Saturday night after a late dinner we all went bowling, and I haven't had so much fun, and laughed so hard for a long time. We all belong to a photography forum and even though we have never met before, we all felt like family. It was so nice to meet face to face!
We got home just after 6:00pm tonight and I have been pretty much useless ever since. I am absolutely, positively exhausted!
I will be in and out on Monday, but you can leave a message and I will call when I am in!
TTFN! Martha

Friday, October 10, 2008

I need a new baby!

I am looking for a new baby to model for me on a pumpkin! The baby needs to be born in October 2008, and be about a week old at the time of the shoot. I have had an idea in mind for a picture of a baby laying on a pumpkin, and last year I had a newborn, and I couldn't find a big enough pumpkin! This year I found a great farm that has giant pumpkins, and now I don't have a newborn!
So if you or a friend is very pregnant, and due this month, please give me a call, or send me an email or respond to this post by using the comments button.

I am also looking for a 6 month old girl or boy to sit inside of a giant pumpkin. I bought a giant pumpkin, and I will clean it and hollow it out and then sit your baby inside of it!

For your time and letting me borrow your babies, you will receive a free session, and a free portrait package of one of the chosen photos.

Here is an example of a baby on a pumpkin. This one is by Anne Geddes, my hero! The picture I take will look a little different than this, but this will give you a visual:

TTFN! Martha

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Last week was busy with babies, and sports......

Last week was incredibly busy, with baby appointments, and life as a mom to three children in sports.
Monday L has vball, and A has soccer
Tuesday L has vball
Wednesday L has vball, and O has soccer, and we all had church.....this was a crazy night!
Thursday L has vball and A has soccer
Friday L has vball and O has soccer, and then there is the fball game at night that they all like to go to.
Saturday L has vball, and O has soccer.
And Sunday I was in bed litterally all day with a Migraine.........

So you see that even if I didn't have any appointments, my weeks are filled with kids and sports!I am going to put a few pics of the babies that I shot last week here.......

This is Baby A. She was just 11 days old. She was so sweet and she did a good job staying asleep.

This is her big sister H. Don't you love how her eyes are all squished up?

H is three, and such a good listener!Next was Wyatt. He was a tough cookie! He didn't want to smile, but I got a few out of him!I loved his little hat!And his OSU gear!

Then there was Mr Q. Look at his big eyes! He is 3½ months old. I can't believe how big he is now!This one cracks me up! He looks like he is yelling at someone! (probably me and my camera!)This was as close to a smile as I got! Although it doesn't surprise me at all, because I couldn't get his brother to smile until he was three!

And last but not least, was Miss S. She was pretty happy when she got here, but once she got her clothes changed, she wanted to leave!

Her eyes are so blue!
Here's to a less crazy week!
TTFN! Martha